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further reading

Further reading version in progress This is not a complete list and we recommend the British Library catalogue for anyone who wants to see every title. Don't Start me Talking is a book of interviews with poets. An essay on some of these poets is at Nigel Wheale a large selected poems is Raw Skies (2006). An autobiographical account in Poets on Writing (1992). Rod Mengham Unsung was a large retrospective from Salt in 1996. Chance of a Storm came out from Carcanet in 2015. interview in Counter Texts magazine, 2018. Edited Equofinality magazine (from 1981) and edits the Equipage pamphlet series (120 titles to date). Adrian Clarke many books going back to Ghost Measure . Possession (2007) was a selected covering one decade. Excess Measures (2015). Millennial Shades and Three Papers includes theoretical statements. Was a founding editor of Angel Exhaust. Andrew Lawson We have little of his poetry to go on, since he withdrew


This project began with a session in the Museum Tavern, in 2015, with Simon Smith, where Simon announced the idea of the anthology. A long time has passed, and we are close to fruition. Almost all the poets have been contacted, and some of them have even said Yes. A long and fruitful phonecall with the publisher, on 5 March, has clarified the final form of the book. Confrontation with the projected cover price has obliged us to look more carefully at the extent, and a lot of the prose carefully written up over the past few years will have to be scrapped. One response to this: "so far it has been euphoric... wandering through a superstore and piling up 8 trolleys full of luxury goods...running people over... then you get to the check-out and realise your card limit is going to go BLINGG. what do you say... "look at all the things I DIDNT buy"." Frantic activity backstage... but it is clear that the project is close to its final form, of a book that you can hold in