This project began with a session in the Museum Tavern, in 2015, with Simon Smith, where Simon announced the idea of the anthology. A long time has passed, and we are close to fruition. Almost all the poets have been contacted, and some of them have even said Yes. A long and fruitful phonecall with the publisher, on 5 March, has clarified the final form of the book. Confrontation with the projected cover price has obliged us to look more carefully at the extent, and a lot of the prose carefully written up over the past few years will have to be scrapped. One response to this: "so far it has been euphoric... wandering through a superstore and piling up 8 trolleys full of luxury goods...running people over... then you get to the check-out and realise your card limit is going to go BLINGG.
what do you say... "look at all the things I DIDNT buy"."

Frantic activity backstage... but it is clear that the project is close to its final form, of a book that you can hold in your hand.


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