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slowed metabolism?

Slowed metabolism? The project had, early on, a claim that alternative poets emerging during the 1980s had difficulties and that the metabolism of the scene had slowed down to near-deathly rates. By coincidence, I have retrieved poetry titles from 1983 from the British Library catalogue (and the Poetry library catalogue), and I thought to excerpt from that list the “alternative” titles. Like this. A bit brink green quartz-like / Tony Baker. Durham : Pig, 1983. Testaments / Chris Bendon. Lampeter : Spectrum, 1983. Throw out the life line, lay out the corse : poems 1965-1985 / Asa Benveniste. London : Anvil Press Poetry, 1983. Sweet cicely / Richard Caddel. Durham : Taxvs, 1983. The tulpa index : A stairway ; Half locked at ; The human gate / B. Catling. [Norwich] : St George Press, Norwich School of Art, c1983. Twenty poems / Thomas A. Clark. Matlock Robertswood, Farley Hill, Matlock, Derbyshire : Grosseteste, 1983. The hollow way. Thomas A Clark [Nailsworth] :