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Further on Rustbelt

Further on Rustbelt (AD) Few comments are coming in and people seem to prefer to discuss via email, which after all means that only one person is going to see it. I am going to display a few of these, anonymised. It has been suggested that we include Michael Blackburn. I admit to not knowing who he is. We will be looking at his poetry, although the book is probably closed by now. >>I missed the Paladin (1988). Remember buying a 2nd hand copy of Allen Fisher’s Stepping Out in somewhere like Bingley in 1992 or so and being utterly baffled. My epiphany came later, at the end of the 1990s. What you say elsewhere about the strain of containment in the Paladin is very true - there’s the black ghetto in there as well as the women's, and that’s what struck me most about it. << So, we talked about the 1988 ‘new british poetry’ as being a moment when the Underground was in the High Street, and so where there was, or could have been, an “official underground”. But, our inform