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This is not a complete list and we recommend the British Library catalogue for anyone who wants to see every title.

Don't Start me Talking is a book of interviews with poets.

An essay on some of these poets is at http://angelexhaust.blogspot.com/2018/08

Nigel Wheale a large selected poems is Raw Skies (2006). An autobiographical account in Poets on Writing (1992).
Rod Mengham Unsung was a large retrospective from Salt in 1996. Chance of a Storm came out from Carcanet in 2015. interview in Counter Texts magazine, 2018. Edited Equofinality magazine (from 1981) and edits the Equipage pamphlet series (120 titles to date).
Adrian Clarke many books going back to Ghost Measure. Possession (2007) was a selected covering one decade. Excess Measures (2015). Millennial Shades and Three Papers includes theoretical statements. Was a founding editor of Angel Exhaust.
Andrew Lawson We have little of his poetry to go on, since he withdrew from the scene prior to 1995; speculation in the scene is that he found Underground poetry attached to a minority audience and so to an elite aesthetic, which was not readily compatible with a Left position on art and social change. We do have a short book, Human Capital, as well as some poems in magazines like Angel Exhaust and Sites.
D.S. Marriott early work such as Schadenfreude, Hours into Seasons, Floodtide came out from 1987 on. Later books are Incognegro and Hoodoo Voodoo.
Andrew Duncan On the Margins of Great Empires is a Selected from Shearsman, 2017. about ten volumes of poetry over the years.
Kelvin Corcoran interview in Don’t Start me Talking. Many books, including a New and Selected Poems (2004) from Shearsman. From the Greek Spring. Sea Table. Hotel Shadow. Backward Turning Sea.
Elisabeth Bletsoe interview in Don’t Start me Talking. Work collected in Pharmacopoeia and early Selected works (2010) and Landscape from a Dream (2008). Birds from the Sherborne Missal is expected in 2021.
Kevin Nolan Loving Little Orlick came out from Barque in 2006. It followed several pamphlets, such as Alar.
Robert Sheppard interview in Don’t Start me Talking. A Selected poems, History or Sleep, came out from Shearsman in 2016. Has published a series of prose works dealing extensively with a cell within the School of London.
Val Pancucci Force feeding (1985); 80 Skins and 75 Eggs (2004). Published in Angel Exhaust during the 1980s.
Harry Gilonis Rough Breathing, a selected poems, came out from Carcanet in 2018. It followed many small-scale publications. His first book, Reliefs, came out from hardPressed Poetry in Dublin in 1988, and was rapidly reprinted by Pig Press in Durham; salutary reminders that the avant-garde in these islands encompassed, then as now, not just ‘the provinces’ but also ‘John Bull’s other island’. He has chosen work for this anthology specifically from the time-frame the introduction foregrounds; some comes from Reliefs. More work from that distant era can be found early on in his 2018 Selected Poems, Rough Breathing; more recent poetry appears in Isolated in Aber Cuawg (after a 9th-century AD Welsh sequence dealing with medical self-isolation; from Oystercatcher, based in north Wales) and in seasonal words, a hundred versions of Japanese haiku, by selection and sequence reflecting the oddness of these times (from Coracle, Ballybeg, Co. Tipperary; gettable direct or via Cornerhouse).
Vittoria Vaughan now lives in New Zealand and writes prolifically under another name. The Mummery Preserver (Odyssey, 1996) was her only book in England.
John Goodby works include uncaged sea (2008); Wine Night White (2010); Illennium (2010); A True Prize (2011); The No Breath (2017) and The Ars (2020). Has written a history of Irish poetry since 1950, and a book on Dylan Thomas.
Simon Smith interview in Don’t Start me Talking. Debuted with Night Shift in 1994. More Flowers than you Can Possibly Carry is a selected poems.
Michael Ayres books include Poems 1987-92 (1994), a.m. (2003), Kinetic (2007), Only (2010).
David Rees The London (2007), Messages from the Atlantic Trash Vortex (2011), 14/20 (2008).
Anthony Mellors works include The Lewknor Turn (Shearsman, 2013), Affine Arnold, A Pastoral, Sangue Subito, Aristaeus and Orpheus go Shopping. Winter Journey (2021). edited fragmente, with Andrew Lawson.
Daniel Lane Wrecks In Ultrasound and Stuff Culture both came out in 1995. published poems in Angel Exhaust.
Nicki Jackowska issued some pamphlets, now fairly elusive, in the 1970s. The House That Manda Built, 1981, was a debut volume which included work from the 1970s. Earthwalks (1982); Letters to Superman (1984); Gates to the City (1985); News from the Brighton Front (1993); Lighting a Slow Fuse: New and Selected Poems (1999); Behold (2009); Relaunch (2012)
Was included in anthologies such as Bread and Roses; Purple and Green; Angels of Fire; Dancing the Tightrope; Klaonica – Poems for Bosnia. Her personal website is at nickijackowska.co.uk .
Elizabeth James Renga came out from Reality Street in 2002. Neither the one thing nor the other (1999). Base to Carry (2004)
Graham Hartill Cennau’s Bell (2005) is a selected poems. A Winged Head (2007), Chroma (2012).
Paul Green ran the avant-garde publisher Spectacular Diseases. publications include Glass Cages of Cytheria (1978), Arthurian Cycles (1978), The Creation of the Beloved (1986), 92 Notes from an Assassin to One of His Victims (1987), Songs for Speaking to the Sky (1987). A Comparative Daimon (1990), A Thousand Dead Butterflies (1998) Communicator (1998), The Polidori Perfection (1998), Gutter Talk (Salzburg University Press, 2010)
There was a special issue of écorché magazine on his work in 2001. James Keery wrote about Green in Angel Exhaust 23.
Ian Davidson works include Partly in Riga, As if Only, In Agitation.
Keith Jafrate (1954?). we saw his poems in Tears in the Fence and Fire. His books are roughly like this: Finding Space, published by Rivelin Press, Bradford, West Yorkshire (1982, 31 pp.); In Heaven, published by Stride, Crewe (1984, 64 pp.); War Poems, published by Slow Dancer Press, Nottingham (1987); Jump, published by Slow Dancer Press (1988); Timeless Postcard, published by Smith/Doorstop Books, Huddersfield (1994, 79 pp.); Letter from home (Word Hoard, 2011, 20 pp.).
The main work which converted me and impressed me is Songs for Eurydice, which came out from Stride in 2004.
He plays the saxophone. He has possibly been active around Huddersfield since circa 1982. This could be an indicator that there are circuits in the North of England which are not in contact with the circuits around Equofinality, Angel Exhaust, etc., and which we don’t know about. More legwork needed.
There is a Jafrate blog at wordhoarddotorg.wordpress.com .

Andrew Duncan wrote a seven-volume history of British poetry 1960 to 1997, of which some parts contain material on our poets, as follows.
Fulfilling the Silent Rules: Nigel Wheale, Elisabeth Bletsoe, Michael Ayres, Adrian Clarke
Legends of the Warring Clans: Andrew Lawson, D.S. Marriott, Kelvin Corcoran, Simon Smith, Maggie O’Sullivan, Vittoria Vaughan
Nothing is Being Suppressed: Nicki Jackowska, Rod Mengham


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